Media Strategy – Effective vs Efficient

Set Goal of the Campaign

Determine Messaging

Awareness – Broad-Based and/or Create Emotional Connection (Social Media Shares)

Consideration – Tighter Audience w/More Features/Benefits (Requests for More Information)

Lead Generation – Call-to-Action Oriented (Higher Click-thru Rates – Lower Cost per Sale)

Budgeting, Implementation & Analysis for Broadcast

Budgeting, Implementation & Analysis for Print

Budgeting, Implementation & Analysis for Direct Mail including EDDM

Budgeting, Implementation & Analysis for Digital

Budgeting, Implementation & Analysis for Outdoor

Tweaking the message

Determine What Elements of the Campaign are/are not Performing

Determine Whether New Products/Services Should be Added to the Campaign

Determine Whether the Campaign Should be Dropped or Extended

Tweaking the Investment

Should Money be Added or Cancelled for the Campaign

Should Money be Transferred to a Better Performing Medium

Should Media be considered

Should Additional Demographics be Considered


Marketing Strategy

Short Term Initiatives

Longer Term Goals


Web Engagement

Length of Time on Site

Bounce Page

Market Differentiation

Determine Niche Targets

Create Vertical Differentiation

Create the Competitive Advantage

Digital Marketing

Website Snapshot

Needs Analysis


Search Engine Optimization



Update Capabilities

Content Management System

Reinforce Traditional Media

Audience Needs

Web Design and Development

Customized Theme

Build Initial Content

Home Page

Incorporate Blog

Social Media Icons

Add Graphics, Video and Branding

Behind the Scenes

Pings to Google, Yahoo and Bing

Google Analytics Page Reporting

High Speed Page Loading

Anti-Spam Features

Video Tutorials

User Manual

Search Engine Marketing

Pay Per Click

Social Media


Data Capture

Event Planning

Develop Logistics

Establish Date, Goals, Objective, Venue, Catering Cost Estimates

Identify Speakers/Presenters/Partners and Necessary Contracts


Security (as Needed)


Script/Agenda, Program, News Articles

Media Kit – Logos from Partners. Post Event to Online Calendars, Event Page on Company’s Website

Invitations, Posters, Tickets, Signage

Development of Social Media Engagement

Create Facebook Page, Promo Video, Publicity of Swag

Development of Client Activation Programs

Thank Yous – Recap of Goal/Objective and its Result

Partners, Speakers/Presenters, Media, Volunteers

Follow-Up Communication – Where to Improve

Marketing & Analysis

Traditional and Digital Needs Analysis

Consumer & Product Category Analysis

Competitive Analysis

Contextual Analysis

Targeting, Positioning Analysis

Inventory Control Analysis

Pricing Analysis

Opportunity Analysis

Promotional Analysis

80 / 20 Analysis



Point of Purchase

Point of Sale Checklist

Costs and Efficiency

Printed Materials

Consistent Look and Feel

Tailor Materials

Customer Interaction


Retention Programs

Loyalty Programs

VIP Programs

Cause-Oriented Programs


Data Capture Program




Production & Program Development

Creative Strategy

Message Integration

Individual vs Broad Reach

Estimating Costs

Copywriting – Consistency



Direct Mail – Size of Piece

Digital – Multiple Specs


Graphic Design


Short Form Video

Long Form Broadcast

Public Relations

Press Releases

Video News Releases

Media Relations

Local Media Interviews


Damage Control