The 4 basic tenets that make My In-House Agency different from other advertising and marketing agencies stems from a collaborative approach:


Know what you know, know what you don’t know, and whatever you don’t know, learn from someone who knows it inside and out.

This is my way of saying, “You’re an expert in whatever product or service you sell.”  You know your business better than I ever will, but if you’ll teach me about your business, I’ll be able to assist you better in marketing your business.  Similarly, my background is in media, advertising and marketing and it will be my job to show you how to better position your product or service to its target.


Think different, not differently – what makes you different from your competition? Your brand does not matter to a customer, unless you give them a reason for it to matter.

Often, this is the hardest concept to follow. How does a customer differentiate between you and your competition? It has nothing to do with price and nothing to do with customer service, it’s more about your business’ mission statement and how it stands out to someone who’s shopping for your product or service. It’s about the word-of-mouth you generate and why your customers recommend you. It’s incumbent on you to make your business matter to your customers.

Listen, not just to what people are telling you, but even closer to what they're not telling you.

All too often, getting to the heart of what needs to be accomplished, is as simple as asking the right questions, and listening for what you’re not being told.  When a question is answered, the follow-up question is vital in learning how to find a different approach and a potential solution.


“Others,” because it’s never about what you project, it’s always about how “Others” receive it.

Your message is only as good as how well someone “gets it.”  You know what you want to say, but is it what your customer expects to hear, and does it motivate them to action.  Without motivation to action, your marketing is wasted.